Dear exchange friends,

your arrival is approaching and we can't wait to welcome you all in Prague! First things first: After your arrival, you need to register at your faculty in order to attend Charles University. These registrations are obligatory. Each faculty has its own registration day and time so pay attention to the emails sent to you by the coordinators of your faculties and always make sure to double-check your own faculty's schedule. The registrations are organized by the university workers (faculty coordinators) from the international offices of individual faculties. Here is some info about the faculty coordinators and registration dates:  

Now let's move to the fun stuff organized by us, Charles University International Club (IC CUNI)!

Before every semester, IC CUNI organizes social activities and cultural events in order to help the exchange students to meet new people and to get to know the city. These activities are completely optional and are organized by volunteering students of the Charles University. We organize them to accompany the obligatory events organized by the faculties (registrations, introduction meetings etc.) and they are available to all the exchange students of the Charles University.

The Summer Semester Orientation Week organized by IC CUNI will be held from Monday 13th of February till Sunday 19th of February. We will post the program for the Orientation Week 2016/2017 and all the necessary information on this website and on Facebook a few weeks before the start. You will also receive it in a newsletter. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at: info@ic­

So what are those activities about?

The Czech way

What is the Czech national pastime? How to address a teacher in an email? Is it true that local people essentially don’t like tourists? Why are people in the shops so rude? Should you shake hands, hug or kiss when you meet a Czech?  We’ll try to answer some of the frequent doubts, shed light on other aspects of life in the Czech Republic and answer your questions during an open lecture focused on cultural differences, specific Czech ways of doing things and cultural acclimatization.

City Rally

An orientation game around the city center with a few tasks which need to be completed (free hugs, learn how to dance “mazurka” and much more!). Come, get to know new people and have fun while discovering the beautiful city of Prague!

Czech Lunch

Czech cuisine has so much to offer! You can enjoy huge portions of duck, goulash or svíčková and if you are a vegeterian simply order a “smažák” (fried cheese). During the Czech lunch you will have a great opportunity to try one of the traditional Czech dishes in a nice restaurant in the city center. Additionally, you will have a chance to ask for food tips from the real Czech foodies!

Sightseeing Tour

This tour covers basic Prague sights and it is led by students who have been living in Prague for a while and know it really well. You will have a chance to learn fun facts about Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and many other places and surely there will be time for a beer as well :)

Czech Film Club

Every week we organize screenings of the most famous and important Czech movies with English subtitles. No matter what kind of movies you prefer, there is a great variety of genres and we are sure you will see some you'd like. Come and enjoy excellent Czech movies with us.

Welcome Party

Great bar, great music, great event! Every Orientation Week we organize a welcome party for hundreds of incoming and local students and it always rocks! Make sure not to miss it!


In the course of the orientation week we organize a few day trips that you can sign up for. During the semester then, you can join us on more trips and discover the beauty of Czech national parks and cities.