Come canoeing with us! It'll be a nice trip where you learn what Czechs do in the summer. You will know what “go down by the river” exactly means and you will love it. Once you chill on the boat and at the moment you feel the adrenalin of going down the weirs. It's better to have some previous experience, but is not necessary, it's not too hard. In the evenings we will enjoy the time with each other around the bonfire.
We are going to go down the Ohře river, from the camp called Šabina to Vojkovice.

All of us will have the plastic canoes. Those boats are nearly indestructible, they are fast but slightly unstable. So there is a chance that you find out what “cvaknout se” means. We will have our stuff with us on the boats in wateeproof barrels, but they are not that big, so take just the things you really need.

Please note that our trips are based on first-pays-first-served policy, so after you register make sure you pay as soon as possible, because the places are limited.

We will leave on Thursday afternoon. We will be back on Sunday evening.
Meeting point: Prague Main Railway Station – in front of the Burger King.
Time to meet: at 16:00 a.m.

We will sleep over in the camps. Sleeping bags are necessary. We can lend tents for up to ten people so if your are the 11th person, please let us know and take your own tent.

PRICE: 400 CZK, includes:
-    the transportation: Praha->Šabina and Vojkovice ->Praha.
-    ships rental (plastic boats including lifejackets, paddles and waterproof barrels)
-    the price doesn't include the accommodation, we will lend you the tents for free, but we need to pay the camps, where we will sleep over, it costs around 80 CZK per night, please count with it.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you!

25/05/2017 to 28/05/2017
Meeting Point: 
Prague Main Railway Station – in front of the Burger King
Czech Republic