Charles University International Club (IC CUNI) represents a tradition of student clubs from several faculties of the Charles University in Prague going back to as far as 2001. Since 2011 we are a united student club with a central coordination and an elected Executive Committee. All of our members – buddies as well as coordinators – are volunteers. Practising languages, sharing our culture and broadening our horizons is the best reward with the best possible motivation.

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Andrea Čapková (Faculty of Arts) ‐ President (

Lukáš Jelínek (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) ‐ Vice-president (vicepresident@ic‐

Roman Chrenčík (Faculty of Social Sciences) ‐ Secretary (

 Pavla Halamová (Faculty of Science)Treasurer (

Alžběta Hamrová (Faculty  of  Social  Sciences)  ‐  Public Relations (

Tereza Hamáková (Faculty of Arts) ‐ Human Resources (

Zuzana Huňkova (Faculty of Science) - Local Representative (